CHeKT Thermal IP Camera


  • Compact size and light weight
  • 12 μmuncooled vanadium oxide microbolometer
  • Flexible input power options: DC or PoE
  • Burnt-in text, video motion detection
  • Two-way audio
  • Embedded VCA Technology video analytics
  • Embedded storage and edge recording
  • Indoor/Outdoor (IP66)

The FIRSTthermal videomonitoring solution that makes dollars for the integrator and sensefortheenduser.

With cloud based recording and military type thermal video, CHeKT created a camera that’s what you always wanted from a detector.

Thermal cameras don’t depend on light to see; they see heat.  Heat produced by a subject in a camera is called a heat signature.  A camera not dependent on light, that detects people by their heat signature, is the perfect detector that will never false alarm. Our thermal detectors are designed with digital outputs that can connect directly to existing security panels, using the same four wires as a motion detector.  You can finally give your customers a simple, cost-effective solution they always expected, with the CHeKT Thermal Intelligent Detector. You now have the power of accurate motion detection with video verification all in one device.  This is the ultimate camera that never lies about someone's presence. Protecting a long narrow fence line, or a wider parking lot has never been easier.

When the business closes, the same camera becomes a detector that triggers the alarm with military grade thermal detection and delivers video directly to the operator processing the alarm signal. This allows the operator to see exactly what caused the alarm to occur.  As the integrator, you can now provide an intelligent camera solution to your clients with smartphone access that today’s customer’s demand.

The CHeKTcamera is powered by the security system and connects to the cloud through the client’s networkconnection.Thecameraisintelligentenoughtoknow,ifithasbeencovered, moved or disconnected and will activate your alarm system even if it is disarmed. This gives you as an integrator the assurance that your camera is functioning properly and will alert the central station when it is not.