Ease Of Installation

CHeKT cameras are a detector and a camera. They can easily integrate with any security alarm system. Simply replace the motion detector and, with the same four wires, an installer can install a CHeKT camera.  The Central Station operator can immediately begin receiving a signal from the camera and have access to the accompanying video.

Ease of Setup

Because the camera easily connects to existing panels for signal delivery and uses a CLOUD-BASED SYSTEM for video, all an installing technician has to do is replace an existing motion detector with the CHeKT camera.  Then with the CHeKT mobile app on his smartphone, connect the camera's unique URL to the Central Station's existing software. This fast and easy process ensures you aren't spending time and money on new hardware and software for your video monitoring solutions.


Every CHeKT camera is equipped with intelligent edge-based video analyitcs.  But because our cameras also include digital inputs you can trigger an event from a traditional PIR motion detector or even a panic button. These events or trigger will alert the central station and begin recording video all at once.

Low Cost Entry for Integrators

Our CLOUD-BASED SYSTEM means central stations don't have to purchase a proprietary software solution to monitor the CHeKT system. CHeKT will integrate into any and every central station's current hardware and software program.  With the CHeKT solution you will only pay for the cameras you purchase and activate.


All development for the CHeKT solution is done in-house. We have complete control over new features and don't have to wait for a separate development team to write the code, test the changes, and then update the software. This means integrators have a centralized portal for camera settings, firmware updates, and customer management.